Every month, receive a new set of japanese papers sent directly from Japan

The Washi Box of April is themed "Sakura" ( Cherry Blossom)

Washi Box is a selection of 10 Japanese papers that you receive directly at home. Whether you are curious about japanese papers or you are already a handicraft enthousiast, Washi Box will supply you with gorgeous hand-made papers from Japan. Each month, you will be offered colorful and original papers to discover the beautiful world of washi. You can find previous editions of Washi Box on this page: Previous Washi Box

How does it work?

1. Choose the subscription you want on washibox.com

2. Receive your Washi Box every month directly at home.

3. Admire, learn and start crafting with your papers! 

You can choose between 3 types of subscriptions:  
Monthly (18€/moth)
Yearly (198€/year)
3 mois (54€/3month)

Each month, your box is carefully prepared and sent from Japan. A colorful package arrives in your mailbox :)

Open your box, discover your new papers. A leaflet will tell you about their origin and their manufacture, and suggest you some creative ideas on how to use them! 

There are 2 Washi Boxes with a special theme during the year. The Washi Box of April celebrates the Japanese springtime with a content full of cherry blossom. And in November, the japanese papers of the Washi Box aim to bring you the warm colors of Automn maple leaves. 

The Washi Box of November is themed "Momiji" (Maple leaves)

What's inside your box?

The Washi Box contains a selection of 10 sheets of Japanese papers in the A4 format (21x30cm; but it's usually a little bigger). I choose to put in the box a range of different kind of papers so you could explore the world of Japanese papers without getting bored at all. In addition, a little sticker "i ♥ washi" is joined with your papers; there are 8 different to collect and tell the world you love washi! 

The paper selection is diverse and varied, and change every month: most of papers have colorful and unique patterns (like yuzen, chiyogami, katazome paper), but you will also find more traditional plain and fine-art paper (washi), hand-dyed (itazome, aizome), lace paper (rakusui) and many other types of japanese papers.

The Washi Box contains several kind of papers to help you discover this generous craftmanship from Japan. Thus, a small leaflet is joined to the papers in the box. It contains explanation about their origin and their manufacture, some creative idea to get started with your paper treasures (also on the 'Creative ideas' page), some news from Japan, tips and others nice little discoveries that will complete your paper therapy.

Example of papers in the Washi Box

This is the Washi Box for September 2014 that contained: seven yuzen and chiyogami papers, one katazome on brown paper and two washi (yellow & white) hand-made in Mino (Gifu prefecture), a place renowned for the quality of its japanese paper.